Each year, there are 16 billions injections are administered worldwide, which has created huge amount of infectious sharp waste to be properly managed. In order to prevent any biohazard danger towards the community and environment, the world needs to have a simple and affordable solution to protect people when collecting, handling, storing, transporting, treating and disposing these hazardous wastes.

The problems with the prudent treatment of safe infectious sharp waste disposal is also coupled by haphazard habits of the injectors, who do not really acknowledge the danger and risks that expose to the community as these injectors sometimes do not aware and always know the safest disposal methods. As a result, there are many people in many areas are exposed, by the greater risk of being injured by the infectious sharp waste such as the doctors, healthcare workers, sanitation and sewage treatment workers, janitors and house keepers as well as the patients and children.

Considering the paramount importance of the problem of possible needle-stick related injuries, Medibest provides a simple and economical solution to overcome this problem by manufacturing a Safety Disposal Box, with brand name, Disposafe™ Safety Box, which is produced within the guidance of WHO Standard Specification E10/08 and E10/09. The Disposafe™ Safety Box has been pre-qualified, approved and recommended by the World Health Organization and thus is included in the WHO Performance Quality And Safety (PQS) and have a standard production ISO 9001:2008. Since 1999, WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA have mandated the bundling procurement for Auto Disable Syringes with Safety Boxes, to ensure at least the sharp waste of 700 millions Auto Disable Syringes procured yearly for Immunization Programs worldwide are very well protected and secured during disposal.

Disposafe™ Safety Box 5 Litres is a puncture resistant container for collecting and disposing used or contaminated disposable and auto-disable syringes, needles and other injection materials before finally disposed through incineration or any other safe end treatments in accordance to WHO or National Policies. Disposafe™ Safety Box 5 Litres is a useful medical device to reduce the risk posed by contaminated needles and syringes to health workers and to general public. It is a must have medical device for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, mobile injection units, Immunization or Injection Programs and all other places or areas where Safe Injection is an issue.

Manufactured within the guidance of World Health Organization Standard Specification of E10/09, Disposafe™ is produced using environmentally friendly materials and substances. The recycled puncture-resistance water-resistance material withstands rough handlings in fields, in transits or storage before incineration. The thickness of the material also prevents any contaminated biohazard materials to spill that cause the danger of infectious waste. By disposing used syringes and needles safely into the Disposafe™ , does not just decrease the possibility of cross infection from improper handling and unsafe disposal but also increases people's quality of life and health in general through the creation of a healthier environment.