Apart from the availability of Auto Disable Syringes and Safety Boxes, Immunization programs around the world do require good quality vaccines. The maintenance of quality of vaccines is not just determined by the vaccines manufacturer's production high quality output alone, but it is also depending on the management of the correct vaccines storage temperature during transportation and storage. Therefore, since 2003, WHO and UNICEF have produced its Joint Statement on Effective Vaccines Store Management (EVSM) guidelines.

It is unarguably that the immunization programs do require special devices that are approved and recommended by WHO and UNICEF to monitor and control the correct set of temperature setting of vaccines storage periodically, which are called; the Cold Chain Monitoring Devices that include Freeze Prevention Monitoring Devices and/or Time Temperature Data Loggers.

Apart from utilization of monitoring vaccine storage temperature, these devices also can be implemented for the time temperature monitoring of blood transportation, blood bank storage management, temperature sensitive drugs and reagents as well as the diverse utilization in the agricultural, farming, aquaculture and shipping industries.

Berlinger & Co. AG
Medibest is an authorized Sole Distributor of Berlinger & Co. AG, Switzerland the WHO/UNICEF approved supplier and manufacturer for Vaccine Freeze Prevention and Cold Chain Monitoring Devices of WHO approved and recommended Freeze-tag®, Q-tag 2R®,Fridge-tag®2 and VCCM® that are manufactured within the guideline of WHO Standard EN3 and ISO 9001:2000.
Freeze-tag® is an electronic Vaccines Freeze Prevention Monitoring Device that is very user friendly, economical, with highest degree of accuracy and quality. It has been approved and recommended, by WHO for EVSM, and has been included in the WHO Product Information Sheets (PIS) with WHO PIS Code E6/49. It has the best temperature measuring accuracy in its class of +/-0.3°C which is considered well meeting the accuracy requirement of WHO. The irreversible alarm condition is triggered after 60 minutes having temperatures below 0°C. The device serves as a very important tool to acknowledge that the freeze-sensitive vaccines storage or transportation have or have not been exposed to freezing condition.
Q-tag 2/2R®
Q-tag 2® is a high quality, cannot be manipulated, easy to handle single use temperature control on electronic basis with temperature alarm monitor for transportation of temperature sensitive goods such as vaccines, drugs, blood and blood products, reagents, etcetera, while Q-tag 2R® is the re-settable version that can be reused using a special Q-tag re-start device. It is also a product that was intended to cater the requirements of WHO in EVSM. It is a WHO
approved product with WHO PIS Code E6/50.
Fridge-tag® 2 (Internal Sensor)
Fridge-tag® 2 (Internal Sensor) functions to reliably monitor the environmental temperature of sensitive goods, which includes vaccines, pharmaceuticals and blood products, during storage in refrigerators or cold rooms. Due to its big visual display, all relevant data can be checked effortlessly at any time and temperature violations are easily discovered immediately. The development of this device is specially intended to cater the needs of WHO in its EVSM programs around the world.
WHO Vaccine Cold Chain Monitor®(VCCM)
VCCM® is a product that has been recommended by the WHO. with WHO quality performance and security (PQS) code E006 / 04. VCCM® have time indicator with temperature limits +10°C and 34° case of exposure to heat during shipment or storage will appear blue.take action as recommended by the help of scale and information according to WHO recommendations listed below VCCM®.

Remonsys Limited, UK , appointed Medibest as their Sole Distributor for their wide ranges of Time Temperature Data Loggers for Cold Chain Monitoring System.

MULTiLOG™2 is a very sophisticated, very accurate, high quality multi-channel temperature monitoring system that is controlled through a desktop computer that allows a real-time observation of the condition and performance of the cold storage. It provides continuous, independent temperature records simultaneously from multiple locations with automatic logging, downloading and storage as well as a choice of display models. It also acts as warning system as it has an audible alarm to warn the cold storage operators and automatic dial-out unit to call these operators outside of the working hours when the violation of pre-set limits of temperatures is detected. It has been approved and recommended by WHO for EVSM programs. Its WHO Product Information Sheets (PIS) Code is E006/033.

DeltaTRAK®,USA, a global manufacturer of tools cold chain monitoring devices and products - products HACCP. and MediBest is one of the distributors who sell equipment from deltatrak. Termotrace®Waterproof IR Thermometer,Jumbo Display Digital Thermo-Hygrometer and Min/Max Digital Thermometer.

ThermoTrace®Waterproof Infrared Thermometer
The ThermoTrace®Waterproof Infrared Thermometer, Model 15006, is ideal in many environments because of its sturdy, waterproof construction. Use this infrared thermometer to quickly check surface temperatures of products in hard to reach areas such as inside refrigerated cases or other cold storage areas, or check food at salad bars and hot buffets.
Jumbo Display Digital Thermo-Hygrometer
Monitor the temperature and relative humidity in hospitals, pharmacies, blood banks, greenhouses, broiler houses, hatcheries, clean rooms and walk-in coolers with the Jumbo Display Thermo Hygrometer, Model 13307. This thermo hygrometer features a large LCD screen, is °F/°C switchable, minimum/maximum readings memory, freeze alarm setting option and external thermistor probe with extension cable.
Min/Max Digital Thermometer
Monitor air temperature levels inside freezers, refrigerators, display cases, water tanks, and coolers with the Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer, Model 12207. For a Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer Model 12207 spot check or permanent installation, the Min/Max is an economical and convenient QA tool. The thermometer’s onboard internal sensor shows ambient air temperature, while the fast response stainless steel external sensor attached to a 10-ft (3 meter) cord shows the temperature to which it is exposed. Alarms can be set for high and low temperature readings.