Medibest Trading and Distribution Unit serves as an integrated marketing and distributing company for high quality imported medical, diagnostic and health products within the Republic of Indonesia as well as acting as export coordinating point for our own manufactured goods globally. The company also serves as appointed liaison business unit for some of our strategic partners to some of donor agencies such as Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA).

We represent a wide range of medical, diagnostics and healthcare products and equipment ranging from a simple technology but important apothecary products to the high quality high value sophisticated technology products such as CT Scan and MRI. Our products cater for the whole range of different segments in health industry such as Immunization Business, Laboratories as well as Curative and Hospital Business.

Immunization Business is one of our main focuses, in which Medibest acts as a one stop shopping for high quality products in Immunization sector by only providing World Health Organization (WHO) approved and recommended products as well as represents global principals with approved official UN Agencies suppliers codes in the areas as follows:

In Laboratories business, we carry a wide range of laboratories and clinical products ranging from equipments such as electronic microscopes, centrifuge, photometer as well as different kind of reagents and in-vitro diagnostics rapid test for ovulation test, pregnancy test, drugs of abuse test as well as infectious diseases test. Medibest functions as Sole Distributor for Phamatech Incorporation, USA that manufactures USFDA approved in-vitro diagnostics. We also have much interest in the sport industry by introducing special safety device container to sport athletes' urine samples for doping test that cannot be manipulated called BeregKit™ .

Medibest caters the needs of Curative and Hospital sector by providing wide range of products and equipments in all units within hospital such as for hospital ward, operating rooms, radiology, dental, emergency room and others, with wide selections of products such as bandages, zinc adhesive plaster, stethoscopes, emergency line and first aids, hospital stainless steel-wares, hospital beds and furniture, syringes, catheters, defibrillator, portable suction pumps, bed side monitors, sterilizer instruments, electrocardiographs, medical electronic analyzers, electromedical equipment, sterile endotracheal tubes, fetus pulse detectors, audiometers, cryosurgical system, vacuum detectors, x-ray accessories, CT Scan, MRI, instrument for orthopedic, acupuncture instruments, surgical instruments, special halogen and incandescent lamps, needle-suture combinations, incinerator, reagents and temperature data loggers.

It is our full commitment toward the community to provide the economically sound products with of highest quality. Indeed, we position ourselves as the best medical and diagnostic provider within our region.