The Medibest Group's operations consist of trading and distribution activities, procurement contractor, exports and imports operations, business and investment management and advisory, technology transfer and solutions provider as well as manufacturing. Our main core focus is on the field of distributing and marketing of high quality medical products and equipment as well as manufacturing a safe, simple, secured and economical WHO approved infectious sharpwaste management system.

Medibest does not only cater the regional market segment alone, but with strong global vision and orientation, Medibest has become one of few WHO pre-qualified and approved global manufacturers for Safety Box for used medical sharps, needles and syringes. In addition, Medibest is an approved official global supplier of some United Nations agencies, namely United Nations Children Funds (UNICEF), Inter Agency Procurement Services Office (IAPSO), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) with official supplier code of UNGM-106433.

Locally, in order to maintain market penetration and grips, Medibest Trading and Distribution Company, PT Medibest Indonesia , has developed an extensive distribution network and marketing affiliates that serve as integral part of Medibest's operation. The strategy shall not just enable Medibest to strengthen its presence in every strategic business and logistics hub in Indonesia but also creates economics of scales and synergy throughout our operation.

To strengthen our market existence and to increase proximity to our current existing and potential customers, MediBest Group has several strategic warehousing plants in where our targeted market segments exist.

These state of the art modern warehouses combined with excellent logistics management were aimed at gaining our stakeholders' full satisfaction, particularly our customers and trade partners, as well as increasing our efficiencies in responding to our business operation requirements.

Through extensive networks and involvements in paper fabrication industry, Medibest Group, through Medibest Manufacturing that serves as our business unit, manufactures our own Disposafe™ Safety Box for used sharps, needles and syringes. Disposafe™ Safety Box is produced within the guidance of World Health Organization Standard Specification E10/IC.1 and E10/IC.2 in our modern state-of the art manufacturing facilities. Disposafe™ Safety Box has been pre-qualified, approved and recommended, by the World Health Organization and has been assigned and included in the WHO Product Information Sheets (PIS) with WHO PIS Code E12/14.

Our sophisticated manufacturing facilities and prudent production process are also supervised, by highly scientific technical experts, to ensure the highest possible output quality with focus on our customers' satisfaction. Indeed, our production process was designed with aim at becoming the best provider for our clients in constant continuous business process improvement cycle of Plan, Do, Check and Plan again.

Our consistent production outputs with high degree of quality control and assurance towards our products leads us to obtain the approval to become official supplier for UN Agencies and participate in supplying safety boxes in high profile immunization programs globally conducted, by Ministries of Health around the world in which some of these programs are sometimes funded, by donor agencies such as Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). Medibest also has supplied our products including the Safety Boxes and technology-oriented Effective Vaccines Store Management (EVSM) to some high profile Non Government Organizations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Family Health International and Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH).

With consistent drive to enhance our global market for our products, we have formed years of strategic partnership with Wahana Japan Corporation to act as our business representative in Tokyo and to serve as marketing business unit for Japanese market, in where Medibest, as provider of Auto Disable Syringe and Safety Box intended for ODA Programs, have been in close cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agencies (JICS).

Medibest has also been in joint strategic cooperation of partnership with Abu Dhabi Medical Devices & Company (Medeco) that acts as our marketing and distribution coordinator for our safety box in the Middle East and Gulf countries region, based in Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates . The countries of coverage include United Arab Emirates , Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman , Jordan , Syria , Iraq , Yemen and Libya.