Medibest Group was established with strong predetermined goals and visions that were built upon powerful pictures of a partnership between its founders. It is a group that was founded with an eye for a promising poised for enormous growth.

It was incorporated in Jakarta , the capital of Republic of Indonesia , with main vision to be the best medical and diagnostic provider within the territory of Republic of Indonesia that targets in helping to build a healthier world. Our main mission is to deliver the best quality and economically sound products and services to our customers and at the same time develop market grips for our reliable principals, to be able to grow and reciprocally prosper together.

We put substantial emphasize in building healthy relationship that is remarkably compatible with our customers, principals, governments, shareholders as well as our employees. Medibest was in fact not just a family but it is a company that was established to cultivate family values towards any business relationship in order to reach a mutually beneficial relationship among our stakeholders. It is our tradition combined with experiences that ensure our continuing success in any radical changes in business and technological environment.

Our policy is to furnish delivery of satisfactory goods from our reliable principals around the globe at consistent prices, to honorably fulfill obligation and to provide efficient service and courteous treatment to our customers. This has among other things created value, which has won customers' consideration. The consideration that serves as main formulae of our extensive networks in government or institution tender businesses, curative and hospital businesses or various other market segments that we cater.

Delivering and procuring the right products with responsibility and integrity attached have been the result of our careful selection of what righteous products and principals that we will represent to ensure the sense of quality in every transaction we make to our customers.

It is a function of being able to demonstrate clearly that our customers will achieve favorable economic outcomes by using our reliable principals' products and those products indeed have the quality they expect. Customers' expectations of quality of products delivered are not, at Medibest, the result of advertising claims or management assertions alone but they are the result of a tradition. The tradition that cannot be created overnight but through constant services and commitments to our customers and principals.

Those principles in doing business engrave Medibest's characteristic and culture in dealing with our stakeholders. The business characteristic and culture that bring strengths to our existence and create value added to any party staking in Medibest. Indeed, value is what matters to our company's direction and Medibest at the very beginning of its operation was already delivering value nicely.

Our values and commitments are the foundation on which we will build an even more relevant and successful company for our shareholders, our customers, our business partners, our communities and ourselves. We believe that what is waiting us in the future is even bigger and more important than we have done so far.

Yours Faithfully,
Board of Directors

Medibest Group